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A little more about Ben Jaimen. Citizen of the world.

Ben Jaimen knows the term "citizen of the world" sounds cliché, and yet, it is the most apt description of how he feels. Raised in Berlin, now living in Los Angeles by way of Bordeaux, Tel Aviv, London and Buenos Aires, the young singer/songwriter's cultural identity and musical tastes were shaped by this relentless globe-hopping. Ben has viewed much from behind a microphone and it’s those experiences that molded the six songs that now appear as his scintillating debut US EP, Through The Universe.

Recorded over the period of February to June 2014, the EP was solidified at six tracks: "Satellites", "Not A Man For Sale," "Tokyo","Die For You", "Devil With The Dice" and "Piece of Me". Ben laughs at the irony of the final song selection as he explains, "We had one song that we eventually took out - it was called 'Celebrating Life'."

Ben explains the lead single, "Satellites represents the whole EP, and represents also me as an artist because it includes so many topics that I like to talk and write about, mainly because it is about a universal love. I want everyone that listens to that song to make their own interpretation what kind of love it is."

With its epic chorus and enormous production, "Tokyo" is one of the most memorable songs on the album. "Tokyo talks about losing yourself," says Jaimen, losing yourself in many ways. The inspiration came when I watched the loss and destruction of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan. I lost myself in the emotion of what it would feel like to lose everything you have, and I ended up in a world between heaven and hell.”

"Not A Man For Sale," a track with a cool rock vibe, is as Ben describes, "a bit cocky" both in its sound and meaning. "Die For You" is a piano-driven promise to that very special person in your life (whomever they may be). "Devil with the Dice" is directly influenced by the funk and soul music that he grew up to.

The final track on the EP, "Piece of Me" is a strong and powerful ballad about "not being able to let go." In fact, Ben, himself, couldn’t "let go" of "Piece of Me." The song was the final addition and the last touch to what was originally a five song EP.

Ben is embracing another key moment in his life with the release of his debut EP Through The Universe, available on iTunes now. It’s an opportunity to thank his family, friends and fans that have made his journey so rewarding so far.

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